Scoring a Birdie of the Feathered Kind at the Mount Malarayat Golf & Country Club

It seems there is an affinity between the game of golf and fauna of the avian variety. Take, for example, some scoring terms we use in golf: birdie… eagle… albatross.

Did you know that the Club’s all-weather championship golf course attracts quite a number of native and migratory birds? The next time you are out on the greens, take some time to appreciate our fine-feathered friends.

The Club’s resident birdwatcher, Dr. Imelda Luna, shares in her own words her fascination with Mount Malarayat’s winged wonders:

“I am what you may call an incidental birder. I have found that birding added spice to my rounds of golf here at the Mount Malarayat Golf & Country Club. Most of my photos are chance encounters with the birds that also enjoy this beautiful place. It is home not only to our own endemic species but also to migrants heading south for the winter. Recently two species of ducks (pekin and muscovy) were introduced. The migrants include the following: brown shrike, long-tailed shrike, blue-rock thrush, common kingfisher, common sandpiper, great egret and grey wagtail. Among the endemics you may also frequently see and/or hear are the collared kingfishers, black-naped orioles, coppersmith barbets, large-billed crows, Pacific and white breasted wood swallows. My most valued documentation so far was the successful breeding of the long-tailed shrikes and coppersmith barbets in 2016!”