5 Tips on How to Lower Your Golf Score

There is no other gift in the world that a golfer could receive than having the know-how to lower his or her golf score. Though we can’t wave a magic wand and make that happen, we can remind you of these strategies so that you play your very best every time you take your clubs out on the greens.

1. Go to the driving range. They say practice makes perfect—and when it comes to golf, we agree. Regularly hitting balls at the driving range will help a golfer get their swing in a groove, call it muscle memory, if you will. Another reason to go to the range is for golfers to familiarize themselves with their clubs and know exactly how far each one can drive a ball.

2. Work on core strength. More than just stretching out before a game, building core strength off the greens will give you stability distance to a game. Planks and other exercises like these will prove their benefit through shaved off strokes.

3. Play in different weather conditions. Instead of letting wet weather give you the signal to couch-surf on weekends, you should practice your play in wet or dry weather. Just ensure you wear the right gear. Playing on an all-weather course such as ours makes playing in the wet that much easier.

4. Play by yourself. If you have any spare time to play on your own, try playing multiple balls at a hole to see exactly how far your balls go per club on the greens instead of the driving range.

5. Practice your short game. Long range driving is only half the battle when it comes to golf. Keep practicing your short game—your short game accounts for more than half your score. Try putting from different distances and work on your chip game.

Aside from talent, the golfers who go out there and work on their game will ensure they play a steady game despite other outside factors such as weather conditions, equipment challenges, or even the player’s own mood for the day. The real challenge is in motivating yourself to become the best golfer you can be.