5 Gift Ideas for the Avid Golfers in your Life

If you consider yourself a golf’s husband or wife, then you know exactly where your spouse is spending all their free time: the golf course. We say if you can’t beat them, join them! Knowing your loved one’s favorite sport makes it that much easier at gift giving time like birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas. Here are few of our favorite gift ideas that we know will make your golfing fanatic truly happy.

1. Driver. Give him or her that golf driver he or she has been loudly hinting about and eyeing all year round. Usually new drivers cost a pretty penny and your golfer will find it excessive to indulge in yet another new driver. But if it comes from you, they can enjoy it, guilt-free.

2. Golf Balls. Any golfer knows you can never have too many new golf balls in your life. Be an enabler and keep them supplied with pro-level golf balls that will help their performance in their favorite game.

3. GPS Golf Watch. Don’t you want your golfer to come home happy after a busy morning on the course? Gift them with a GPS golf watch that can help their strategy on the course as it tracks swing and steps, measures distance, determines hazards, and more.

4. Golf Cap. Make sure your golfing honey stays safe from the sun and stylish at the same time with a cute golf cap. Caps protect their head and shield their eyes from harsh UV rays, thus improving their game, too.

5. Knitted Head Covers. It’s not only your golfers head that needs to be protected! For the stylish golfer who want sto make a fashion statement anywhere, trendy knitted head covers keep the drama in the golf bag and not on the course!