Golf Operations Rules

To be strictly implemented effective August 1, 2018

Tee Time Reservation:

  • All Tee Time Reservations are requested to be through the Golf Registration. Please call for advanced tee time bookings. This is to ensure that you have a reserved slot for your own convenience.
  • Cancellation of a tee time reservation should be done through the Golf Registration as soon as possible. A NO SHOW charge of the FULL AMOUNT will be charged to all that do not properly inform the Golf Registration regarding a Tee Time cancellation.


  • Please register at least 30 minutes prior to your reserved starting time; failure to check in and register fifteen (15) minutes prior to reserve starting time cancels your reservations.
  • Walk-in Members without prior confirmed reservation may be accommodated depending on the availability of Tee Times which are only given by the Golf Registration.
  • Members may reserve a Tee Time up to a maximum of 2 weeks in advance.
  • Golfers must follow their assigned Tee Time and assigned Course. Should there be a request to change your Tee Time or Course, it must be done through the Golf Registration.

Single and Twosome:

Weekend and Holidays

  • Singles are allowed upon the discretion of the General Manager. They can call Golf Registration and ask to be joined with a reservation that only has two or three in the flight. Two-somes are allowed to make a tee time reservation but are subject to be joined with another twosome or single.
  • The Golf Registration has the discretion to join singles and twosomes depending on the volume of players in the Golf Course.


  • Fivesomes are allowed provided that the flight is with a Member and using two (2) carts.


Non-golfing companions may be allowed on the course provided that:

  • A cart is rented and the companion stays on the cart at all times.
  • A prevailing green fee will be charge for each companion.
  • Maximum of two (2) companions per flight is allowed.
  • Must be in appropriate golf attire.
  • The companion must be at least 12 years old and above.
  • For minors, a waiver must be secured in favor of the Club.

Golf Club & Dining Dress Code:

  • Men: Collared or mocked neck golf shirts with sleeves must be worn at all times. Slacks or golf shorts (Bermuda Length) is acceptable.
  • Women: Dresses, golf shirts, slacks, golf shorts and blouses are acceptable.
  • Golf Shoes with soft spikes are mandatory. Shoes must be worn at all time when on the Golf Course, in the Clubhouse or Dining area.

Not Allowed:

  • Denim jeans, tank tops, collarless T-shirts for men, cut-offs, sweat pants, athletic shorts, bathing suits.

Course Rules

Golf Etiquette

  • Respect for the course – leave the Course as you would like to find it by repairing pitch-marks, repairing divots and raking bunkers.
  • Respect for you fellow players – be sportsmanlike and polite.
  • Safety – Players should ensure that no one is standing close by or in a position to be hit by the club and or a ball. Wait until the players in front are out of range before you hit your next shot.
  • Pace of Play – It is the group’s responsibility to keep up with the group in front; if your group loses a clear hole and delays the group behind, you should invite the group behind to play through.
  • Mulligan are strictly not allowed during weekend and holidays.

Golf Cart Rules:

  • Should only be driven by a LICENSED DRIVER.
  • Carts are limited to 50 YARDS BEFORE THE GREEN.
  • MAXIMUM OF 2 PERSONS ONLY.(For rental carts only)
  • All passengers must be seated while the cart is being driven.
  • Drivers must obey all directional signages.
    • Safety is the utmost important issue for all golf cart users.
    • Care of the Golf Course must be considered.
  • All golf carts must stay on the cart paths around tees and greens.
  • Golf Carts should remain on the cart path on all par 3’s.
  • Carts on path around tees and greens for the non-playing companions.


Allowed user:

  • 70 years of age or older
  • With a physical handicap with Medical Certificate

Golf cart with red flags:

  • may be driven within 10 yards of the green
  • may be driven off the cart path on par 3’s
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